Memorable Matchups Highlight NFL’s 2008 Schedule

The NFL’s 2007 season ended with the new york Giants on pinnacle for his or her first awesome Bowl victory since 1991, capping off a pretty wonderful season that featured more twists and turns than a NASCAR race. while the 2008 pro soccerschedule became announced on April 15th, NFL fans around the us of a at once started out expecting what could be one of the maximum exciting seasons in NFL historyNFL Schedule

The stories

as soon as the brand new season kicks off on Thursday, September 4th, severa questions about a number of storylines might be requestedwhich includes

– Can the big apple Giants recapture the spirit from their miracle season and be part of the new England Patriots as the second one team to copy as first-rate Bowl champs this decade?
– Will the new England Patriots make every other run at an undefeated season?
– Can the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning get better and win the AFC?
– Will Tony Romo mature into the following high-quality NFL quarterback and take the Dallas Cowboys again to the honordays of the Nineteen Nineties?
– Can Brett Favre rejuvenate the once proud new york Jets franchise?

The games

even though loyal enthusiasts have already made plans for where they will be for each in their favored crew‘s 16 video games, hardcore and casual enthusiasts alike should circle their calendars for these marquee fit united states of americafrom the upcoming pro football agenda:

– big apple Jets vs. Miami Dolphins, September seventh: Brett Favre’s Jets debut. Favre will be pumped as much as show to the green Bay Packers that he nevertheless has an MVP 12 months left in him.
– Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas town Chiefs, September 14th: Neither group is anticipated to challenge the Chargers inside the AFC West, but when these two sour rivals play each otherrecords are tossed aside.
– New England Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers, October 12th: This struggle capabilities NFL powerhouses that may be apreview of January’s AFC championship sport. Tom Brady and Randy Moss versus LaDainian Tomlinson.
– San Diego Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints, October twenty sixth: The NFL goes to Wembley Stadium in London, whereinthe UK will get a primary-hand take a look at emerging megastar, Reggie Bush.
– Dallas Cowboys vs. the big apple Giants, November second: The 2008 exceptional Bowl winner takes on one of the maincontenders for the 2009 identify in an NFC East war. The massive question: will Jessica Simpson be there, too?
– Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, December 28th: This Week 17 sport could decide the AFC North and have majorplayoff implications.

these have to-see games and lots of others will showcase a number of the most thrilling football the NFL has to offer. And as soon as the season ends with the crowning of the excellent Bowl champion on February 1st, 2009, NFL fanatics will begin looking closer to the declaration of the subsequent seasoned football time table.

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