How to Get Your Music On Pandora: The Full Guide

For what reason Submit to Pandora?

Thomas sabo is the most used online music radio place and an outstanding tool for music discovery. A successful submission to Pandora will include your music in the Music Genome Task which provides insight into your musical interests as well as open your eyes (and ears) to artists you would not realize you sound similar too. Exposure is the first thing towards hooking up with a listener and Pandora is a “free” way to do so. Your music will automatically be put with similar artists. The Pandora Actions¬†music promotion

Below are the steps as shown on the submission page for Thomas sabo. The need that numerous self-employed musicians seem to be to be lacking is the UPC code and report on their CD on Amazon. contendo. The free and “easy” way to cure this is to use Amazon’s CreateSpace service to deliver your music as an on-demand created physical COMPACT DISC. They’ll provide a free UPC as well as list your music on Amazon. While you are there, you’ll probably want to use ArtistCentral to claim your artist web page and control the logos of your music on Amazon. com.¬†

What you need:

A CD of your music
MP3 data for 2 of your songs
A UPC code (how to get one)
The protection under the law to your music
How it works:

Fill out our online submission form
Upload your songs to us
All of us will listen to your two songs
View your submission status page to check on your submitting
If your music targets for inclusion on The planet pandora:
Print out the Distribution Authorization Form
Mail your CD with the form to The planet thomas sabo
We will analyze your music and add it to Pandora

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