Country Song Themes: Partiotism, Drinking, Country Living

As we have mentioned in latest articles there are six subject matters that most of the u . s . songs can be positioned in; love, breaking apartconsuming, patriotism, religion, and united states of america living. In this newsletteri am going to speak about the topics of ingesting, patriotism, and us of a livingJuice WRLD

the next subject matter of the u . s . songs is ingesting and partying. There are pretty some u . s . songs approximatelyingesting and partying. most consuming songs may be divided into subthemes: consuming to forget about and consuming to have a good time. i have discovered 3 examples of consuming to neglect songs, which are “All My buddiesSay” via Luke Bryan, “Billy’s got His Beer Goggles On” via Neal McCoy, and “Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley. the firsttrack, “All My pals Say” is set this guy who awoke the morning after going out to stuff in his residence strewn round. He then known as his friends to find out what had happen and his buddies told him that after his ex walked into the bar, he started out to do pictures to forget she was even there. From what the relaxation of the tune talks abouti would say that he forgot and made a fool of himself. the next song approximately drinking to forget is “Billy’s were given His Beer Goggles On”. This track talks approximately a guy call Billy at a bar due to the fact his lady friend left him and he’s hurting horrific, so he’s drinking to overlook about her. The track then goes on to speak about the whole lot that occurs to him that nightat the bar along with his beer goggles on. The remaining drinking to forget track “Whiskey Lullaby” is instead sad with a sad endingin this song, a woman dumped her actual love and the fellow commenced drinking whiskey to overlookabout her. He may want to in no way drink enough to forget about her and killed himself from ingesting an excessive amount ofafter they buried him, the lady commenced ingesting to neglect approximately her guilt about what happened. She could not neglect her guilt both and ended up consuming herself to death too. ultimately, they ended up together in the after existence.

additionally have 3 examples of consuming to have a good time. they’re “Tequila Makes Her garments Fall off” by usingJoe Nichols, “Beer Run” through Garth Brooks, and “Keg inside the Closet” with the aid of Kenny Chesney. “Tequila Makes Her garments Fall Off” talks approximately a lady who’s going out with her friends for margaritas. Her boyfriend is concerned due to the fact he has seen her drink tequila before and knows that she loves to take her garments off whenshe receives drunk. Thoughout the track, he maintains telling the target audience approximately how suitable of a time she is having and how every one will communicate about it the following daythe next song is “Beer Run”, which talks about a group of fellows that live in a dry county, in order that they make a beer run each weekend to get beer. It talks about how they move fast to get to the county line and at the manner again how they have an excellent time. Then they talk about making the run the following day because all their beer is long past already. The remaining musicapproximately ingesting to have a great time is “Keg within the Closet”. This tune talks about their lifestyles of theircollege days after they had so much a laugh with a keg inside the closet. they are saying that they did anything they desired and had fun studying new instructions and so long as they had their keg in the closet. So allow the best times roll.

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